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Sunday, November 1, 2009


I love fall. I grew up watching the trees change colors, wearing sweaters and tights to school, watching your breath in the morning. Here in Texas, we kind of slide into winter. The days are milder, there are more highs of only 80. Last night it actually got down to 50. It is a very pleasant change from the heat of the summer, but it doesn't seem like fall.

Because we found ourselves with an extra hour, we went for a hike this morning. The park was filled with flowers and plants that have been rejuvenated by the recent rains.

Scout was excited. She tolerates the paved path, but really enjoys the limestone trails. We may all have twisted our ankles, but somehow it seems more like real hiking to get off the paved paths.

There were tons of butterflies dancing around. American Snout butterflies are abundant after the recent rains. Monarchs fly higher, more intent on heading to Mexico.

A beautiful fall day in Texas. I've decided that the best way to convince my mind that it is fall is to eat orange foods... I love squash. Butternut squash soup is easy and delicious. Saute some leeks or onions in some butter. Peel a squash, scrape out the pulp and seeds, cut the squash into chunks. Add to the pan with the leeks and cover with chicken broth, simmer until tender, puree the squash, add salt and pepper and enjoy.


  1. I was just in your lovely state over the weekend. Well, it wasn't so lovely when we flew into Houston on Thursday night (torrential downpour) but the weather was beautiful for the wedding on Saturday and just as lovely when we left yesterday.

    And butternut squash soup? I love it. It really does say fall, doesn't it?

  2. It is all gone, but squash are every where right now. Glad you enjoyed TX