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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I threw out the duck fat...

So, because we were so lucky to sell our house so quickly, we were scrambling for a place to live.  We have Scout, our elderly yellow lab.  Hotels seem to be biased against yellow labs, preferring the small, yippy dogs.  Several hotels were willing to let her stay with additional fees of a hundred dollars.  We decided to try the military recreation facility about an hour north of our house.  A little time on the lake could only be relaxing.

Unfortunately, the military would also prefer that there are no dogs in life.  The cabins at the lake remained unrented, no dogs allowed.  However, they were willing to rent a small, tiny, minute trailer.  A FEMA trailer.  Make alternative plans if a disaster heads your way.

I discovered a few things about myself during reflection time at the lake.  I am claustrophobic, OK I already knew that.  I cannot relax in 400 square feet..   With a husband, two kids, and a lab.  One of the kids returned to Pittsburgh, leaving us a little more space.

I love being near water.  Keep that in mind for future moves.

I hate to throw out good food.  So, we had the duck confit with some peaches warmed in duck fat and sprinkled with pepper.  Delicious, I will make duck confit again.


I threw out the duck fat.  I had to restrain myself from walking up to the RVs and seeing if they wanted it.

We have moved back into the city for a few nights, Drury Inns accept dogs.  Scout preferred the lake.  Menopausal women prefer air conditioning.

We are going to help with a youth retreat and then we will drive across the country.  Will we own a house?  Who knows.  It is much more complex than the last time we bought a house.