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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pain de Mie

Pain de Mie is a sandwich loaf, or pullman loaf. Baked in a long rectangular pan, it makes a perfect slicing loaf. King Arthur was having a sale on their pain de mie pan. They have apparently come out with a newer version. I had been intrigued by the pan for some time and couldn't resist the sale, which is no longer going on.

But I have been caught up with the breads of the BBA challenge and hadn't a chance to give the pan a try. However, the major stakeholder is upset. He said that we didn't have good closure with the Panettone. By good closure he means he didn't enjoy it. He came home from work one day bemoaning that fact that there was no bread available.

This is a man who honestly prefers white bread to any other type of bread. Panettone is pretty far away from white bread. He had some fairly onerous paperwork to take care of. So I took pity on him. I used the King Arthur recipe. It was fun to make something that only took a morning to come together. I ran off to get my hair cut while it was baking. The major stakeholder is quite good with a thermometer, he uses them while he grills. He did a great job of removing the bread from the oven and surprisingly waited until I came home to photograph it before eating any of the bread.

It made delicious sandwiches. I prefer the multigrain extraordinaire for sandwich bread and I do all the baking so it is what will be in the oven. But for those days when you want grilled cheese on white, this is an easy recipe.


  1. I've been eyeing that pan for quite some time. I can't believe I missed it when it was on sale! Your major stockholder must love you very much for making good old-fashioned white bread for him.

  2. Mags, he has already seen that there are three versions of white bread in the BBA. We may have to have a bake off.

  3. The major stakeholder ... I like that a lot :-)
    I loved this loaf for the explore but like your major stakeholder, my husband's the only reason I'll bake this again. I do enjoy the shape.