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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Marbled Rye Bread

Well, the shipment of assorted flours and unusual tools finally made its way across the country. I decided not to wait for the weekend to start baking. I knew if I hurried home from work and started the dough I would have enough time to finish. The dough was straight forward. You make two batches of dough that differ only in their coloring. I bought the caramel coloring from KA. It is an incredibly dark, cornstarch like powder. It has a bitter taste straight from the container, but I couldn't taste it in the loaf. I used two tablespoons.

Once the dough has fermented, I used the alternating layers method from the BBA book to form the bulls eyes. I have two large loaf pans that were perfect for the loaves. They rose to a nice shape, baked up in the oven. They were almost finished. We were force to go to bed without sampling the finished product.

My main stakeholder is enjoying this rye bread. We reviewed the breads up to this point and although we could find a few that we won't be baking again, we cannot determine a clear winner. The multigrain extraordinaire, the foccacio, the italian bread are in the running for favorite. My husband would add this rye bread to the list.

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