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Friday, March 1, 2013

Chicken Breast Diable - FFwD

When I read that we were doing Chicken Breasts Diable for March's first French Fridays with Dorie I got a little excited.  My husband loves anything that the Italian's cook fra diavolo, however I quickly learned that the French and the Italians have different ideas of spicy.

The French use mustard.  We had been forced to throw out many of our condiments when we moved.  Luckily, I had picked up a bottle of my favorite Dijon, boasting 260 years of expertise.

This ended up being a delightful meal.  Easy to prepare and enjoyed by all.   

 I was very exited that the sauce needed some dry white wine.  I needed an excuse to leave the house on another wintery day to buy a bottle.  It was chilling in the fridge and missed the photo op.

Chicken breasts were pounded and sauteed in olive oil and butter.  Then they went into the oven to stay warm.    Garlic and shallots were sauteed in the pan, a little wine was added and the brown bits were scraped into the sauce.  Cream, mustard and Worcestershire sauce were combined to make a delicious sauce.  One that I am sure that we will return to again. 


  1. Yum, rice and carrots look like a perfect pair to this recipe. It was a good recipe, so I will be making it again with your sides!

  2. We really enjoyed this dish, too.

  3. Perhaps the wine deserved its own red carpet moment? :-)
    This dish was a treat, wasn't it?

    1. I have been trying to lose a little weight and avoiding the extra calories in wine seemed easy. But I was glad that the recipe need some!

  4. So glad you enjoyed this one, too...and it looks like a wonderful dinner!!!

  5. I think by reading all the posts, everyone LOVED this dish. It was so easy and tasted so gourmet :-)

  6. That dish looks so good - I want some more now.

  7. I think you had some Maille mustard in the Diable, didn't you? My favorite also but I had to resort to Trader Joe's version because that is what I had. I always love it when wine is included in a recipe. Wasn't it Julia who said never use a wine for cooking that you wouldn't drink? Good advice, huh? Your chicken breasts look delicious, especially for a cold winter's night.