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Monday, March 22, 2010

Minimalist Hot Cross Buns - Mellow Bakers 1st Bread

I found myself in a state of confusion after I finished the last of the BBA challenge breads. What was I going to do on the weekends? What to bake? Paul over at the Yumarama Bread Blog suggested forming a new group of bakers, the Mellow Bakers. We are baking breads out of Jeffrey Hamelman's Bread: A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes.

Paul suggested Hot Cross Buns for March. Some people enjoy a hot cross bun in the springtime. I've lived with the people in my house for some time. I know their idiosyncrasies. They will eat no fruit in their breads. They have no aversion to uncooked fruit. Two of my family members have been known to eat raw lemons. Candy that lemon and they won't go near it.

The paste that is used to cross the buns has been peeled off and discarded from many a pastry brought into my house.

So I made nontraditional hot cross buns. No dried currants, no candied peel, no allspice. A touch of cinnamon and a little glaze after they had cooled. They made a delicious breakfast treat. I am not certain that I could convince any one that they tasted like the traditional hot cross buns. If you would like to see what the traditional buns look like and find a recipe, head over to Susan's Wild Yeast blog.


  1. Minimalist indeed!:D

    I baked these today and am still writing the blog post.

  2. We are not big on fruit breads either, but I'm going to give these a try . . . if we don't love them, I think I'll try your minimalist route! =)

  3. I like the name: minimalist hot cross buns. LOL! I'll be baking mine the traditional way, because we love stollen and panettone, so I guess, this will be another favorite bread of ours.

  4. Great buns!

    I joined you guys in the Mellow group, but will skip this one. I like the minimalist approach you took, I would probably try the same way if I was making these.

  5. Oh you make me laugh! Isn't it crazy how we have to alter a recipe so that our loved ones will eat it?

    Nice buns (and I mean that in a bakery-style way, of course...LOL)