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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sunflower Seed Rye BBA #35

The last of the sourdough breads. It has been interesting journey, some delights, one 100% inedible.

The day before I made the bread, I soaked some whole rye in water. The next day, I added some starter to bread flour, salt, yeast and toasted sunflower seeds. with enough water to make a tacky but not sticky dough. I work hard to not overmix the rye, to avoid the gumminess that can happen.

The dough doubled in 90 minutes and was shaped into one couronne, which was similar to a huge bagel. I put the dowel marks on the bread, but I was not aggressive enough and they disappeared during the final rise. Half of the dough I formed into tiny boule for dinner.

Again, I prepared my oven for hearth baking and cooked the bread.

This was not my favorite of the sourdoughs. It was a very hearty loaf. Maybe even a little too hearty.


  1. Another hearty loaf, huh! I'm looking forward to making this one if for no other reason than I'll be done with the sourdough as well. Time to move on! I do plan to make some of them again sometime. Happy Baking!

  2. I'm finding out that this sourdough business is trickier than I thought it would be. I think I'll be glad when this part is over too.

    Your loaf and rolls do look pretty though!

  3. Some of the sour doughs I really have enjoyed and already made again. I've learned a lot. I was at the book store last night looking at bread cookbooks, wondering what to do next.

  4. So the success here is learning what you like and what works.
    Beautiful loaves.

  5. It has been a fun journey and I am a better bread baker.

  6. That's the beauty of bread baking, you learn what you like and what you don't. I'm saddened to say for me, it's a simple baguette. Tried whole wheat, rye, go.

  7. I love the tiny boules, they're pretty.

  8. The loaf and the rolls look pretty, even if you didn't like them. It wasn't my favorite bread, either. I thought it was kind of boring. Not hearty enough. That's weird, huh? Because you said it was too hearty. But on the other hand, you didn't like the 100% sourdough at all, which I liked a lot, and that was A LOT heartier than the sunflower seed rye. So you seem to prefer milder breads, right?