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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mango Salsa

There is a pot of black beans on the stove, some roasted pork loin ready for the tacos. This calls for mango salsa. I first fell in love with mango salsa at a fusion restaurant that served it as a side with fried wontons. It seems to pop up at different restaurants, on fish, with pork. I don't care what it is served with, I really enjoy the taste of mangos.

It is a make your own recipe, add what you have. For me the must have ingredients are mangos and cilantro. Typically I dice up a mango, add some cilantro, red onion if I have it, a little diced ginger always adds a nice flavor. You'll need something for some heat. Diced jalepeno, crushed red pepper, today I happened to have a serrano pepper. Dice them all up. Put them in a bowl and add a little lime juice and maybe some rice wine vinegar. Give it a taste and adjust as needed.

Don't like cilantro? By all means leave it out. But aren't there some foods that you used to dislike that you like now that you are older?


  1. That's a sneaky last paragraph ... but that's OK, I love cilantro. Black beans and pork loin - sounds like a wonderful meal coming on for the mango salsa.

  2. Go to bed. Actually, it was a new black bean recipe that was delicious.