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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Present Growing!

My Christmas present is growing!  I have followed all instructions.  I mist it daily, give it four hours of indirect light each day and have found a place in the house that is as close to 60 degrees as possible.
Very soon, this evening I think, I will be harvesting my first shiitake mushrooms.  I should get three harvests from my Christmas present.  How cool.


  1. Oh that is wonderful! After seeing yours, I really would love to try this. Mushrooms always seem like close to a miracle to me and my mom always thought they were so beautiful she bought them just because they were beautiful.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Where did you get it from???

  3. Amazing...I had no idea what it was from your first photo! This looks like so much fun. What a great present.

  4. They are available through amazon. I have sent some using Gardeners supply catalog. Just make sure the growing conditions can be matched in the house that you are sending them to. Shiitakes can tolerate a little warmer that some mushrooms, so they are thriving in my window.

  5. Oh, so that's what the present was. I thought it was chia pet.:)

    I love fresh shiitake too although dried tastes much better.