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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Judy Unruh's Wedding Zwieback

Artisan Baking keeps calling me. Maggie Glezer writes such endearing stories about the bakers that she meets. She went to threshing days in Goessel, Kansas. It celebrates the wheat harvest and Mennonite heritage.

Judy Unruh was making these rolls in the Krause House, part of the Mennonite Heritage Museum. The recipe makes a sweeter, wedding roll.

I went out today to buy some rolls at Costco, the shame. But the Costco by me has some pretty delicious rolls. Unfortunately, they were sold out. There was a brief moment of concern, what to do about rolls for Easter dinner? And then I remembered, I can bake.

I have a recent new favorite roll recipe, but the story about the Zwieback hooked me in and makes me want to try the recipe.

It starts with scalded milk. My mom always scalded the milk before she made yeast bread. Glezer says that it denatures a protein in the milk and makes for a smoother texture in the bread. You add some yeast, some flour, sugar, salt butter and optional eggs. The eggs are added if you want richer and light rolls, just where I was heading.

Then I added a little of King Arthur's baker's special dry milk, because I could. And I think it adds a little flavor. I needed to add a little more flour, the dough is supposed to be soft and sticky, mine was liquid. I think that the added eggs needed a little more flour.

Any the dough spent the night in the refrigerator. I pulled it out in the morning, let it come to room temp for about two hours shaped it and let them rise for two more hours. baked at 350 for 25 mins. I'd like to note that the recipe says to serve the rolls immediately. Glezer needs to talk to Reinhart. Eating bread fresh out of the oven!!

2 cups scaled milk cooled
sprinkle with 1.25 t instant yeast
add 825 g ap flour ( I needed more)
55 g sugar (I cut this down to 30)
2.25 t salt
6 T unsalted butter
2 eggs
1/4 cup baker's dry special milk

Mix by dough hook for about 5 mins, then into the frig overnight.

Can you picture the sandwiches?


  1. This is one I've missed. Obviously that needs to change soon.
    Cute: Glezer needs to talk to Reinhart!

  2. They were a nice roll, I enjoy refrigerator rolls.