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Saturday, December 19, 2009

New York Deli Rye BBA challenge

My starters are all happy on my counter. The BBA starter just took a little extra time to reach a point where I would be willing to try it in a recipe. Once it was doubling and bubbling I decided to try it in the New York Deli Rye. An unusual bread. You add the barm, which seems a lot like starter to me, to some white rye flour, water, cooked cooled diced onions and oil and make a starter that you leave out for four hours and then refrigerate.

The next day, I took the starter out of the refrigerator and left it on the counter for an hour. Then I added high gluten flour, white rye flour, brown sugar, salt, yeast, shortening, buttermilk and water to form a soft mass. This was let to sit for 5 mins to let the gluten develop. Which by the way, I can't see, can't tell, just hope I am doing it correctly. The I used my mixer for four mins to make a firm, tacky dough. It took two hours for it to double.

A few years ago, I got some large calphalon bread pans at a discount store. Too large for your average recipe, they have come in handy with the BBA challenge. I divided this into two and made two beautiful loafs.

However, I think if I blind folded you and gave you a taste, you wouldn't guess rye bread. Tasty bread, but not what I would say was rye bread. I am waiting to see what everyone else thinks.


  1. I keep hearing that this is a good recipe but doesn't taste too much like rye. I can't wait to try it myself. Won't be doing BBA breads until after the holidays though.

  2. I wouldn't know the difference in flavor.:)

    I used whole rye four in mine because I can't find white rye in the stores. I tried sifting the flour but eventually abandoned it and my loaves came out a little darker, maybe tastier too. I will bake this bread again and will use my German-style rye sourdough starter.

  3. Oggi My dad used to bring home these huge loaves of rye bread, they had a stronger flavor than this loaf. I wish I knew where he got them, he has passed away. He was always bringing home baked goods and produce from little bakeries and farms.

    Mags I have moved onto Christmas baking and fattening up the kids who are home from college.