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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Light Wheat Bread BBA #18

Some days it is just so much fun to wake up and know that you are going to be baking bread. We have finally had some rain. We have in the past couple of days had more rain than we have had for the entire year. Yesterday some areas of town had over five inches of rain. The temperature has dropped into the bearable nineties. It looks grey and cloudy outside. Fall must be on the way. A great day for baking bread.

This bread is made with 33% whole wheat flour. The majority of the flour is white flour. It came together easily, measure out the dry ingredients, add a little honey, butter and water and mix.

A pretty scary thing happened. My twenty-four year old Kitchenaid stand mixer made a funny noise. She didn't quite sound like herself. I already have weekend plans for the mixer, I am feeding 50 theatre kids dinner on Tuesday and need to make batches of cookies. I quickly switched to kneading by hand. The bread rose quicker than the time indicated in the book, but mine always do. And then when it was cooked, we once again skipped the appropriate cooling period. Almost half way through the book and we still have not developed will power.

But it was lunchtime, fresh bread was cooling on the counter. It seemed right. It makes a delicious sandwich bread. Maybe you can convince yourself that it is healthier, but I have high hopes for the multrigrain extraordinaire.

There are people who blog about how they make all their breads. I could see doing this except we would eat more bread. There hasn't been a recipe that I have tried that my local supermarket does better. But having fresh bread in the house would be our downfall.

Mags at the Other Side of Fifty made the bread into hamburger rolls. I think that I will have to try that, it is an easy dough to work with and would make a great bun.


  1. The bread looks wonderful! I hope your Kitchen Aid is doing okay. My bread also rose quite quickly. In fact, I was worried it would over-rise and fall, but I baked it before it got to that point.

  2. Everything rises more quickly in my kitchen. Tasty bread.