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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lavash Crackers BBA #17

I didn't want to make these but I am glad that I did. I added finely chopped rosemary and cracked pepper to the dough. The dough was kneaded by hand for ten minutes. I had to get help from my major stakeholder. Ten minutes with a firm dough is a long time. I added almost all the water before I got the right consistency. 90 minutes later, I had a dough that was very easy to work with. After I rolled it out, I sprinkled the dough with seasalt, cut it into cracker and popped them in the over. The crackers have a nice taste, a little bite from the pepper, nice herbs. I'll make them again. I'm thinking Christmas gifts.


  1. We ended up making two of the cracker recipe. First one the dough did not come close to windowpane and barely rose. After about 45 minutes we decided to try again. Same result but we rolled them both out and holy crap they were amazing. I could not tell you what we threw over ours because we just started grabbing spices.

  2. I still have to make those. They looks delicious.