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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kaiser Rolls

Another successful recipe. I have double ovens, which are narrower than the average oven. I think that when ever I spray the walls to get the hearth oven effect, my breads get some drops of water on them. They are not as pretty as the rolls in the book. I first observed this with my french loaves and tried to get as close to the wall while spraying as possible, but still splatter got on the rolls. I'm walking a fine line between staying safe and getting burnt for my crust. I know what side I will stay on.

It's been a busy week at work and I have been unable to do any baking. I will have to become a weekend baker for the school year. However, I have successfully been raising my starter on the counter. I think it is ready to go forth and graduate, to be put to use in a recipe. I have been following Paul's steps on his blog, The Yamarama Bread Blog to develop a starter from pineapple juice.

When I first told my brothers that I was blogging about baking bread, one of them asked if I was OK. I was thinking about Paul's blog when I replied to his question. Paul has a very scientific, very detailed blog. I tend to check his site out before I start baking, just in case he has some pointers. He has an understanding of starters that is amazing, and a little concerning. His care of his starters? lets just say his are not going to die neglected in the refrigerator.

I have had a great time with this challenge. I have made many recipes that I would never have tried and will never try again. But I have challenged myself. I know where to turn to with questions about starters, barbeque, herbs, it is an amazing blogging world.

The Washington Post wrote an article about the BBA challenge entitled Too Many Cooks. The only downfalls of the challenge are the potential to gain weight, but I think that is decreasing now we are out of the butter and egg sections, and the danger of third degree burns.

I have weekend plans. I'm going to try the starter in some Russian Rye Bread and make the Lavash crackers. The instructions include rolling out the dough paper thin. I have no desire to roll out any dough paper thin, but a challenge is a challenge...


  1. Oh dear, now you've gone and put pressure on me! (hehe) Thanks for the nice write-up. And I'm glad you're finding the Yumarama blog helpful.

    I wouldn't worry about being a weekend only baker, that all I do and it's working out well. Except on busy weekends but we get around these small hurdles.

    I'm very much looking forward to your Russian Rye blog post - where is that recipe from?

    Last and probably the MOST important: what have you named your starter?

  2. I have a three day weekend and plan on puttering around in the kitchen for most of it. I first saw the Russian Rye on My Kitchen in Half Cups (her link is on my bloglist), but Gorel has a post too. They are on the BBA blog roll and are part of BBB, Bread Baking Babes. There has been mixed results with the bread but it is such a funky recipe, I have to try it. I believe I can only name her Eve...