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Sunday, May 31, 2009


This challenge is forcing me to bake some things that I would never try. I made the middle class brioche, with only 5 eggs and a cup of butter. Can you hear everyone's arteries closing?

It was easy to make up. I had ordered some large cardboard brioche mold's from King Arthur's Flour. I divided the dough in two but probably could have made three loaves. Apparently, they baked into the classic Brioche shape, as verified by an internet images search by a disbelieving teenager.

The bread is buttery. Your hands and lips are coated with each bite. It is delicious but about as far away from a bread that I would reach for as possible.

However, Scout can't stay away. We actually had to put the loaves on the top of the refrigerator to cool. Her little dog nose can smell the fat and she is sure it would be tasty.


  1. And welcome to the blogging world and BBA!
    Brioche is indeed wonderful good to eat ... in moderation. That's how the French do it and it seems to be what we Americans have a difficult time with.
    Love your Scout! We used to have a Golden Retriever, miss him all the time.

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  3. We love Scout, but she is a known thief. The brioche is too rich for me. I may try the poor man's later.

  4. lol! The pic of the dog looking lovingly at the brioche cracked me up.

    I never thought about KA for cardboard molds. I did not want to drop an investment on the tins that would never get used. I think I am just going to use bread pan and muffin tins instead.

  5. Good idea. Some day I might try the poorman's in a bread pan. Still waiting for the butter to clear. Anne Marie