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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Farmers Market Bounty

We went to the new farmers market at Pearl Brewery and were amazed with the lines for the one stand that still had produce. There was another stand that had sold out. It is an interesting place with a lot of specialty stands. There were stands with grass fed beef, goats, lamb. Stands with honey, herbs, farm raised tilapia and shrimp. They need more produce stands.

We went back up to the farmers market in Olmos Basin and found a bounty of vegetables. The hit of the morning was the full pint basket of blackberries. They didn't last an hour in the house but were enjoyed by all. The Texas farmers market don't have the volume as some of the markets we have lived by. With the drought conditions that we are having it is amazing that they can grow anything. There were lots of varieties of onions; white, red, scallions and shallots. All kinds of squash. I came home with zucchini to grill. But I need to get some patty pan ideas before I head back down next weekend.

I am thinking grilled zucchini, roasted beet salad and swiss chard with roasted chickpeas. I need some sides for dinner. We went to a retirement party where the host was giving the guests smoked pork butts as they left. Only in Texas...

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