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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Challah - Mellow Bakers

Well, I have been so Mellow in October it is embarrassing.  But, not to worry.  I have one weekend left to bake the October breads for Mellow Bakers.

My last class in grad school was overwhelming.  The teacher wouldn't hesitate to give us 300 pages to read in a week.  Most of the students are working full time, etc.  By the end of the class, I am sure that everyone had piles of laundry and dust bunnies under beds.  But a new class started on Monday, and it seems to be much more reasonable.  So I am making bread.

I was looking forward to trying some braiding.  The recipe came together quickly.  Eggs, oil, water, flour, yeast and salt were all mixed together in my trust kitchen aid.  It formed a fairly stiff dough, good for braiding.

I have enjoyed everyone's knots, so I made a couple of them.

I think that they would make great breakfast sandwiches and may try them out tomorrow morning.

I wanted to try the six stranded braid that is more raised but couldn't figure it out.  I wish that I had checked out every one's blog, one of the comments on Cathy's Challah was a link to Shabbat Shalom instructions on how to bread a six strand Challah.  I have one more Challah recipe that I want to try, so I may get to make the six stranded loaf some time.

The one that I did make turned out nicely.  We gave it away to a good home, where it won't be neglected or go stale!

Scout enjoyed the baking experience.  She hasn't been quite as perky, we wonder if it is age or the illness.   I realize that she is so intertwined into the fabric of our lives, it will be hard to say goodbye to her.  However, today I am embracing denial.  I am certain that the vet is wrong and she is going to be fine.

I am going to send this over to YeastSpotting.  


  1. What smart knots and a tasty looking braid there too :-)

    Scout looks like a very dear dog, I hope your vet is wrong too.

  2. anne marie: please contact me (

  3. Having lost a pet less than a month ago, seeing your cute dog staring at the bread brought tears to my eyes, I hope the vet is totally wrong!

    Beautiful bread... I so wish I could be mellow baking with everyone else...

  4. Scout is such a charming dog. I love anyone who sniffs the aroma of the bread I bake. I can almost smell the very nice bread you made! Enjoy!