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Saturday, May 1, 2010


The Mellow Bakers keep baking their way through Jeffrey Hamelman's Bread. I love the idea of randomly generated bread choices for each month. You never know quite what is going to come up. Apparently we will be baking three breads a month for 23 months. I find the idea comforting.

One of May's breads is grissini, or Italian bread sticks. It is an easy bread.

Bread flour, water, olive oil, butter, salt and yeast are combined in a bowl.

It was mixed on first speed for a few minutes and then three more minutes on second speed.

There are a number of possibilities for flavoring the grissini. I divided the dough in half and incorporated some cracked pepper and pecorino cheese in half of the dough.

And some rosemary and roasted garlic into the other half.

I am overwhelmed by rosemary. The rains have made it grow at an alarming rate. There used to be a path between my rosemary bushes. We need to eat more rosemary.

The dough was a delightful, supple dough. It fermented for an hour and then was divided into 24 pieces. They were rolled out and baked to make a delightful snack.

This was a fun, quick recipe.


  1. Lovely rosemary! Mine is going wild too.
    Love the garlic & rosemary.

  2. Yum! I can't wait to make these!

  3. Love the photo of the bread infront of the rosemary. My rosemary is a solitary twig falling over in a pot. Just not enough sun for it yet. You guys are lucky haha.

  4. Lovely post Anne Marie - I have two rosemary bushs, one covered in white flowers, a big hardy old thing that survived our bad winter and a little prostrate one with blue flowers. When they like you they seem to be quite tough and when they want to pass on, well they just go and you can't save them. Must get baking today! Can't decide which bread to start with :)

  5. The bread sticks and rosemary photo is lovely! I can't wait to make these. Sounds yummy.

  6. Great looking breadsticks!

    I just planted my rosemary plant tonight. I've missed having my fresh herbs over the winter and can't wait to start using them again.

  7. One of the advantages of living in Texas are the herbs that I have year round, but watch me whine when the temperature starts moving up.

  8. I'm guessing when it's too hot for your rosemary you have to resort to making some type of lima bean, brussels sprouts and liver

  9. wonderful that rosemary, here everything died during the winter. (but growing new again)
    Love the grissini, I made them too and we all loved them here... ate them warm out of the oven, not much that can beat that!