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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Corn Bread

One of May's three breads chosen randomly for April's Mellow Bakers is Hamelman's corn bread. The recipe is not a quick rise, baking powder cornbread. This recipe is for a yeast bread that is made with some cornmeal (25%).

You start by making a poolish of flour, water and yeast that ferments for 16 hours.

The next day fine cornmeal is softened in some water. I didn't have any fine cornmeal, I did have medium cornmeal. I am running out of space for my flour, so I decided to try the medium cornmeal.

Then bread flour, salt, yeast and olive oil are combined with the poolish.

After six minutes in the mixer, I had a very supple dough. It fermented for 45 minutes, then was folded.

And fermented for 45 more minutes.

I divided the dough in two, let it rest and shaped one half into a boule and the other I formed into a large loaf. I have a large loaf pan that I picked up in a discount store. It has proven to be handy with some of the larger recipes.

We preferred the corn bread in the loaf pan. It made great sandwiches and tasted better as it aged.

This is a delicious bread. One that I will make again.


  1. Looks delicious! I'm excited to make this one after seeing how well it turned out! =)

  2. I really like how the loaf in the pan turned out. It's much more "toastish" looking! And I bet blackberry jam is great with it, sadly, don't have any and finished the homemade blueberry. Have loganberry though... Hmmm.

    Is it time for a snack yet?

  3. My loaves are almost gone, amazing what the hungry college students will do to the pantry. Loganberry sounds good.

  4. Yeasted cornbread... now you're talking my kind of cornbread. It looks delicious!

  5. I think yeasted anything is grand and was delighted with this recipe too.
    Yours looks perfect!

  6. I do think that the medium cornmeal affected the structure of your dough. I think of making this corn bread with corn flour - if there is a difference in how it looks, I'll let you know...

  7. I love the yellow corn specks on your lovely looking loaf.

    I like the flavor of this bread too and am baking them [again] today.