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Saturday, August 1, 2009

The disappearing English Muffins BBA #12

There is a crisis in the house. Someone ate the last of the English Muffins and it wasn't the oldest member of the household. (For three months of the year, there are three months when my husband is older than me.) He searched all over for them when he was making his breakfast and assumed that there were no more. It turns out that perhaps there were still muffins available but he did not know where they had been hidden. At all times, carbohydrates must be out of the reach of the dog, so I put the muffins in the cupboard above the toaster. Not the usual bread spot.

Anyway, the muffins were delicious. Quickly made into muffin and egg sandwiches by the tallest member. Eaten without any preparation by Emily. Enjoyed by all present I think.

My boules were lovely and I took great care to not allow them to flatten when I transferred them to the hot pan. Perhaps too much care. They did not flatten when I flipped them so when I moved them into the oven for the baking period I squished them with my spatula. I could not have imagined them fitting in the toaster without intervention.

I need to work on their undersides, get the bottom of the boule a little smoother. I'm curious if they last, if you could make a double batch for the week, baked them and put them in the refrigerator. And I need to make my husband happy, so I have another batch fermenting on the counter.


  1. I was really shocked how easy they are to make and are way tastier than the boring stuff you get in the grocery store.

    I sense that someone is not fessing up to the theft ;-)

  2. The thief has gone back to college. I don't know if I will be able to buy the grocery store ones any more.

  3. I have so been looking forward to making these, they are top of the list now.
    Cute ... "fitting in the toaster without intervention."

  4. Some people have started with sourdough starter and enjoyed the results. I have made them twice and am making another batch today.