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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cranberry-Walnut Celebration Bread

We have reached the 11th bread in the Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge. This is where my family wanted to be. From E to P there are no additions of fruits in the breads. I live in a houseful of people who don't like baked raisins or cranberries. We are already trying to figure out who we can gift with the Panettone.

I almost skipped this bread. It looks a lot like the Artos and the Challah, melded together. But a challenge is a challenge and I wanted to try the braid on top of braid.

It is a beautiful looking loaf. We are going to give it away to a hungry home. A home that is not tired of egg breads. And I am off to the gym.


  1. My feelings exactly. The only reason I made this bread was for the challenge. We do not dislike dried fruits, and actually panettone will be a great one to make, but this bread came too close in time to other rich ones.

    I look forward to the English muffins... :-)

  2. I have the english muffins fermenting on the counter. The lady that I gave the huge loaf to said that her family would try anything I sent their way. It sounds like it was another delicious recipe.

  3. Maybe you'd enjoy it with dried blueberries?
    Really this is a wonderful bread but I love sharing.

  4. I don't mind cranberries, there are just so many rich breads that we can eat and not have our waistbands expand at the same time!