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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bread Baking Babes Sukkar bi Tahini

Natashya, at Living in the Kitchen with Puppies is hosting July's Bread Baking Babe's challenge. She suggested Sukkar bi Tahini, a Lebanese street bread. This recipe is filled with sugar and tahini.

I was intrigued and headed off to Whole Foods to buy some Tahini. At 12.99 a huge jar, I decided to fill my flat breads with something else. Since then I have learned that several people make their own Tahini. Grain Doe has a lovely post which included her Tahini making. I'm going to give it a try someday.

I decided to make a walnut paste. I roasted some walnuts, added some olive oil, sugar and cinnamon. Blended it in the food processor. It looked like a good substitution.

It was a fun dough. Playdough for grownups. Divided into six sections and rolled out to 5 x 10 rectangle. How do you measure? My middle finger is three inches long. The tiles on my kitchen wall are six inches and my favorite rolling pin is eleven inches. When in doubt, pull out your ruler. The filling was sprinkled over the dough, it was formed into a spiral, squished with the rolling pin and baked.

Delightful breakfast treat, perfect with a cup of coffee


  1. Sweetened walnut paste sounds like a great filling, very creative!
    Thanks so much for baking with us this month.

  2. Thanks Natashya. It was a fun bread.

  3. Nice adjustment on the filling. I keep wanting to get Tahini but run into the same thing cost wise you do. I never thought about making it my own. May have to give that a shot.

  4. Walnut paste! Fabulous creative idea! This is why blogging and the internet is so expansive and great fun.

  5. I figured I was safe since no one in my house had ever tasted Lebanese street fare. Someday I will make my own Tahini.

  6. Walnut paste - what an excellent idea! Next time I bake these, I definitely have to try that.
    Thank you for the link!