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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cinnamon Rolls

They are in the house... I have to figure out how to get them out of the house. We are up to bread #8 in the Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge. Nicole of Pinch My Salt proposed that people bake their way through Peter Reinhart's book. The Cinnamon Rolls are delicious. The dough was easy, a one day dough. However, when I was preparing my mis en place, I realized that the bread had exactly the same ingredients as a dough that I make at Christmas, except for the lemon zest.

Mis en place, a fancy way of saying putting out the ingredients, everything in place. I appreciate being able to use the occasional French phrase. It makes up for how much French I have completely forgotten.

Recipes and food are so tied up in memories. I cannot count how many times I have made this dough for Christmas tree coffee cake. I started by helping my mother when I was young. I know that countless little hands have helped me over the years. Always happy to be helping. And so the slight taste of lemon in the dough startled me. If I make it again, I will not add the zest to the dough, just the icing. I know most people enjoy the lemon, it is just messing with my memories.


  1. So delightful to have those memories and the little hands helping.
    I love the lemon zest but totally understand your not wanting it again.

  2. Ran to the refrigerator to stir the oatmeal, think I will make it in the morning. I have about six stickies in Clayton's book. Would not have made the sour skons if I hadn't seen your post.

  3. Those look better than the ones you bring back from the store. I'm bummed I miss the majority of the breadbaker's challenge

  4. We ar only up to the C's, the challenge should take a year. I'll make these for you without the lemon, next time I see you.

  5. Anne, these cinnamon rolls look incredibly awesome!
    I remember your mom's Easter bread, in the shape of a bunny....
    Have a great day,