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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Anadama Bread Getting Started

Late at night when I can't sleep, I look at people's food blogs. I am filled with awe at people who can take beautiful pictures, post them and the accompanying recipes and comments all while keeping immaculately clean houses. So I imagine at three in the morning...

I was reading about Nicole's challenge at Pinch My Salt, I guess she tweeted that she was going to bake all of the breads in the Bread Baker's Apprentice and asked if any one was interested. There are now 200 registered bakers.

Not having the desire to learn to twitter or tweet at this point in my life, I missed the initial contest sign up. But it intrigued me. So I bought the cookbook, started the bread and decided to start blogging.

I soaked the cornmeal yesterday, but before I could start baking the Anadama Bread, I had to take care of my dog. Scout is my beautiful lab who quite frequently smells like Rosemary. Rosemary grows like a weed in my yard, all year long. She romps through it hourly on her way to chase her evil adversaries, the squirrels. She is quite happy to hear that I have started a bread baking challenge. She has been known to scarf down any unattended loaves of bread..

The bread is baking, filling the house with a delicious aroma. My husband and I have looked through the book and are eagerly awaiting some of the recipes. The bagels look challenging. Finding active diastatic malt should be interesting.

I should confess before we start that my family lacks patience. Cooling, although a very important stage, is not respected in my house. Sometimes I have resorted to hiding cooling baked goods.

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