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Friday, February 18, 2011

short ribs in red wine and port - ffwd

Something very unusually happened here in San Antonio, we got snow.  Not much, certainly not enough to make a city ground to a stop back where I grew up.  We knew that something was going to happen.  The weathermen were all excited.  We received multiple emails on what the district would do in the event of snow.

Then, during the night, plans changed.  We got freezing rain and then, a dusting of snow.  Perhaps where you are from, the plows and salt trucks would be out in full force.  I don't think that we have any, maybe we have one or two.  So early in the morning, the city closed every highway.  Done deal, no school for anyone.  The excited weathermen talked all morning long about how ice is slippery.  All morning long, through the Today show, which is one of my favorite indulgences.  And since I normally leave at 710, I don't indulge often.  

There hasn't been real snow here for decades.  So we got up, and made a snowman on the basketball court, we tried for a snow angel.  Somewhere in the midst of all this excitement, the camera was handed from one mittened hand to another.  We have no real skill with mittens.  And we dropped the camera, and like tiny little electronic things everywhere, the camera stopped working.

So, my photos are from my phone.  And they do not do the short ribs in red wine and port justice.  I have become a big fan of cooking meat in vast quantities of alcohol.  Go Dorie.  One of the February Friday challenges was for this delicious, winter appropriate meal.

The recipe starts with a bouquet garni.  Parsley sprigs, thyme sprigs, bay leaves, rosemary, star anise and celery stalks are tied up in cheese clothe.

Short ribs are broiled on all sizes until browned and sizzling then seasoned with salt and pepper.

Onions, carrots, parsnips, ginger and garlic are sauted in oil and seasoned with salt and pepper until a little browned about 10 mins.  2 T of tomatoes is added to the pan and stirred about.

Then, an entire bottle of Syrah and 1.5 cups of port and the bouquet garni are added and boiled until the liquid reduces by a third.  The meat is added to the pot with enough beef broth to cover it.  The covered with foild and cooked for 2 hours.  The foil folded back to let some steam leave and then cooked for one more hours.  At this point, I added carrots.  We love carrots, lightly cooked.

The sauce is strained and reduced further.  The short ribs are put under the broiler and served.

This broth was delicious.  Short ribs annoy me.  I ended up taking all the meat off the bones and putting it back in the broth.  Next time, I want to try this with a lovely pot roast.


  1. Your photo of the snowman is so cute! And, I like the way you described the short ribs directions. Were you able to make the pancetta green beans as well?

  2. The snowboy is so cute. Did it have a name?:D

    Yes, meat slow cooked in wine is delicious. I prefer to make this kind of stew with boneless short ribs too.

  3. I hope your camera was fixable!

    We've gotten very little snow here in Vancouver this winter, which has been great. We never get much, but there's usually a about a week's worth in total over the course of a winter.

    I'd like to try this braising liquid with something other than ribs, too. Something less fatty and less expensive, preferably.

  4. Love your little snow man! It sounds like you had perfect comfort food weather for this week's challenge. I won't torture you with the foot we got yesterday, but I can assure you that the legions of snow plows we keep tucked away encroached the streets en masse!

  5. I've always wondered what would happen if it ever snowed in Sydney! I think the city would come to a complete standstill! Love your description of the building excitement! And the snow man too!

  6. Dorie has also turned me into a fan of cooking with vast quantities of alcohol. Since short ribs are so expensive I plan on trying again with a cheap roast. Nice snowman:)

  7. Love the snowman. The broth was delicious and the next day I
    made small meatballs and used up the remaining broth. I sent
    a dish over to Tricia for her opinion, and she loved it as well.
    Can't let all that wonderful wine and port go to waste.

  8. We had a couple of snowflakes Saturday night here in LA, and it was a sensation! We have recently moved from Ohio, and "it's snowing!" means something much more intense. But I am relieved I don't have to deal with snow and ice any more.
    At least you got enough of the white stuff for a snowman:)

    I have to say that as a group, we unanimously liked the ribs (I have not read one negative experience).