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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Portuguese Sweet Bread BBA # 27

This is a one day bread, assuming you have six and a half hours free. Which, I actually did. I got up early and made the sponge. The mixture of flour, sugar, yeast and water bubbled away for an hour. Then I mixed sugar, salt, powdered milk, butter, shortening together until it was nice and creamy. I was glad that I had a mixer and not a wooden spoon. Then I added eggs and was supposed to add both orange and lemon extract. Too close to the panettone experience, I chose to add lemon zest and vanilla extract. The sponge, additional flour and water were added and the dough was mixed for about 12 minutes by the mixer.

It made a very supple, fun to work with, dough. At this point it was left to rise for two hours. After two hours, I shaped it into three boules with the intention of giving some or all of it away. There is a limit to the bread that can be in my life. Left to rise for three hours, slowly but steadily they rose. While I went off to hike in the park, fill the car with gas, run several other errands. This is not a quick process.

Then they were baked for 30 mins, less time than the book, but mine were smaller. About this time, the plumbers showed up. We wanted to replace one of our toilets with a low flow toilet. They were thrilled by the aroma, better than much of the things that they smell. Then they went to work, ruining the lovely bread baking aroma and informing us that there was a flange that needed to be repaired, did we want them to do that. No I want you to leave the gaping hole with the fumes in my floor... How many people say no to this question? Oh, did I mention it would cost four hundred more dollars! They quickly went about their business and soon all was well in my world.

The delicious aroma of bread fresh from the oven filled the air. Not surprising, I had to try this bread before the recommended 90 minute cooling period. I really like this bread, I am surprised at how much I like this bread. I like it so much that I realized how much I like it I had to give it away, quickly. The plumbers looked quite happy when I handed them a loaf. I am already planning breakfast. Pass the nutella.


  1. It looks so fluffy! Great job with this one. It sounds like some of the others are having quite a time getting it to rise. Yours looks perfect.

    Sorry about the toilet thingie :(

  2. Wooooo those are really lucky plummers. I loved this bread too. Gave a loaf to my Portuguese neighbor and she was really impressed, said it was so close to home.

  3. Oh my, that is probably the awesomest rise for this bread that I have seen. I was dreading this recipe, but now I'm totally looking forward to it.

    I know what you mean about having to give away delicious bread. Though if it is too delicious, I can't bring myself to give it away!

  4. I think that I changed the flavor by not adding the orange and lemon extract. I'm looking forward to the potato and roasted garlic bread. Right up my alley.

  5. Yeah I am at the point where giving away bread is becoming a ritual. I swear I am close to caught up just have fallen way behind in my posting schedule. Normally do my posts at work but lately I have been stuck working :-(

    Need a day just to sit and create posts.

    You need good aromas to deal with plumpers because I swear no one understands that black magic stuff. I just went through a new water heater but heck it was pretty painless yet still expensive.

    Awesome job!!!!