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Saturday, October 17, 2009

World Bread Day October 16th

October 16th is world bread day. It was an easy event to enter. Bake a bread for the event, blog about it and submit it by October 17th. The bread has to be a bread baked just for world bread day.

The confusion was in my mind. What bread to choose? The latest edition of Bon Appetit has several bread recipes that look very intriguing. There are a couple of recipes that I have on my to do list. But I was looking for something easy, that every one liked.

King Arthur's blog posted an article about chicken goditas. I have never made the gorditas or tried the one's at Taco Bell. Living in Texas, we enjoy being able to run into our favorite Mexican restaurants. We are spoiled. But the flat bread recipe is one of our all time favorites.

It makes a soft sandwich wrap that you can fill with any number of fillings. I make them at the beginning of the week and store them in a plastic bag to use for sandwiches throughout the week.

It is an unusual recipe in that you dump boiling water on some of the flour, cooking some of the starch and making a soft dough. The recipe calls for potato flour or buds, which adds an interesting flavor. An easy recipe, with lots of uses.

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