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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lemon Bread (or Cake)

I was trying to figure out what to bake for Bread Baking Day. July's challenge is sweet breads thanks to Hefe und mehr. I have been making a lot of sweet breads. Filled with cinnamon and nuts. But sometimes you need a little tart in your life.

Ina Garten's Lemon Cake is baked in bread pans. I'm hoping that this means that it qualifies. A large number of my family members like lemons. I had a refrigerator filled with them. At the exact moment, my husband and number one son were trying to fly the unfriendly skies.

They made it from Detroit to Chicago where the customer service people told them that their plane had departed but that they had achieved the highly desirable status of priority standby. In the unlikely event that any of the planes (that were already overbooked) had room, they would be happy to accommodate them. The customer service people really weren't being completely honest. An honest response would have been, sorry guys, we really messed this one up. While we were repairing your first plane, we sent your connecting plane on to Texas. You don't have a chance of getting on a plane today because all of the planes are overbooked. This here is what we in the airplane business like to refer to as a lemonade opportunity. We have handed you a lemon...

But honesty is not really a quality that is seen in an airport filled with angry, tired passengers.

Luckily, my husband and son realized on their own that they had been handed a lemon. They were in Chicago. Chicago has a baseball stadium, teams were playing. They made a reservation for the next day, got a hotel room and went to the game.

Meanwhile, I was left with a refrigerator filled with lemons and that nervous feeling that you get when your family is in the unfriendly skies. Baking helps... Knowing that my son loves all things lemon helped.

This is one of my go to recipes. It is sweet and tart and deliciously refreshing. Apparently, lots of people think so. When Oprah showed a picture of it on her show, they received lots of requests for the recipe and posted it here. Do you think that it is a sweet bread? It looks like a loaf...

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